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Michael Twyman, MD, MBA

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Michael Twyman, MD is a heart attack prevention expert, the founder of Apollo Cardiology and a board-certified cardiologist.


A decorated veteran, he served as a Medical Corps physician in the Navy and was appointed Department Head of Internal Medicine (Naval Hospital Beaufort) while simultaneously earning his MBA. Following his military career, he continued his path in cardiovascular medicine which led him back to his hometown of St. Louis.


After several years in a hospital setting, Dr. Twyman recognized his passion for prevention. He now integrates the best of both conventional and functional medicine to get to the root cause of his patient's cardiovascular issues. He serves in the role of Cardiovascular Director for the Institute of Muscle-Centric Medicine and as a faculty member of the Quantum Biology Collective.


Dr. Twyman is recognized nationally as a speaker in the areas of cardiovascular risk reduction, mitochondrial health and circadian biology. Known as both "Mito Mike" and "Red Light Doc", Dr. Twyman is a highly sought-after podcast quest featured in over 30 podcasts including The Dr. Gabrielle Lyon Show, Mind Body Green with Jason Wachob, Mark Bell's Power Project, and Fundamental Health with Paul Saladino, MD. Additionally, his insights were shared in the documentary "Un-Inflame Me" on Amazon. Having worked with world-class athletes and high-performing entrepreneurial influencers, his mission is to educate his patients on how to live better and longer by optimizing their mitochondrial function to become heart attack proof.

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