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Forum Health Summit
Emerging Therapies in Integrative Medicine

Oakbrook, IL
Saturday, October 5th, 2024
The Conference

The Conference

Join us for our 4rd annual Forum Health Summit, in partnership with Wells Pharmacy, ZRT Labs, Mosaic Diagnostics, Power2Practice,  Quicksilver Scientific and Researched Nutritionals.


Attendees will receive up to date information and research regarding hot topics related to health and wellness, including optimizing immune function, reversing autoimmunity, women's hormone therapy, emerging research on Glycocalyx, and balancing the gut and the mind for optimal brain health. Learn about cutting edge diagnosis and treatment protocols for your most complex clinical cases from top key opinion leaders in Integrative Medicine.


This conference is dedicated to bringing top notch thought leaders in Integrative and Functional Medicine to the Midwest. Please don't miss out on our annual event!  


****This event is exclusive to LICENSED medical professionals only, verification will be required****

2024 Featured Speakers & Topics

Enjoying Outdoor

About Forum Health

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Forum Health is an expanding nationwide network of industry-leading healthcare providers who serve patients with a root-cause approach to care. Our network of practitioners has decades of functional and integrative medicine experience - drawn from areas in clinical nutrition, anti-aging, environmental science, chronic disease, lifestyle medicine and more.  

We’re redefining healthcare by combining the powerful principles of functional and integrative medicine with advanced treatments and technology, data analytics, and collaborative relationships. Our providers address the underlying cause of disease and symptoms with individualized, evidence-based care.


We believe true health takes work, but it’s easier once you understand what’s happening in the body. That’s why we look at you as a whole person — exploring your genetics, environment, and lifestyle factors like nutrition, sleep, and exercise.


True health is also more than just sick visits. We find the source of symptoms, instead of masking them. Our providers take time to listen and learn your story to build a comprehensive care plan that drives you toward your health goals. And it doesn’t stop there. We’ll stand beside you as your partner throughout your journey to optimal health and wellness.


Built through trust and understanding, Forum Health providers deliver care that’s personal, innovative, and — above all — transformative.


Like every patient, each practice has a unique story, but the network shares the same vision.

Forum Health 

Summit Partners


Enrollment Is Now Open


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